Past Events

EPS Summer School/Conference on NCG
Lisboa, Portugal, September, 1997 (pictures)
International Colloquium "Quantum Groups and Integrable Systems"
Prague, Czech Republic, June 17-19, 1999,
Non-commutative Geometry and Hopf Algebras in Field Theory and Particle Physics
Torino, Villa Gualino, Italy, September 20-30, 1999,
Quantum Symmetries in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics
Bariloche, Argentine, January, 2000,

Future Events

10-th International Colloquium QUANTUM GROUPS and INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS
Prague, June 21-23, 2001
2nd International QTS Symposium
18-21 July 2001, Krakow,Poland
School/Conference on Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Groups
Stefan Banach International Mathematical Centre
Warsaw, Poland, 17-29 September 2001
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